Best Ear Thermometer 2018 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Finding the best ear thermometer for your needs can be difficult since there are so many models on the market.

This is where the Team at EarThermometerReviewz steps in. We have spent literally hours researching the best ear thermometers to create our Buyers Guide that includes a comparison table and in-depth ear thermometer reviews that should help you make a more informed decision about finding a suitable ear thermometer for home use.

Ear thermometers are great for measuring body temperature and are perfectly suited to measuring the temperature of younger children since they are quick and accurate at measuring body temperature.

Our Pick

iProven DMT-489
iProven DMT-489

Simple, Accurate and Easy to Use

The iProven DMT-489 is a dual-function unit capable of reading temperatures from the forehead or ear. The unit returns readings on a large digital display in 1 second. It is easy to use with easily accessible buttons.

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Best Ear Thermometers

Use our comparison table to easily compare the Top Rated models.

  • To read a more in-depth review for a model your interested in click on the corresponding make/model link in the table.
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Braun Thermoscan5


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Innovo Forehead


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iProvèn Ear


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Why do you need an Ear Thermometer?

Ear thermometers are a great inexpensive medical device that will ensure that the well-being of your family is maintained. Here is a list of the benefits of having a thermometer in your first aid box;


  • Ear thermometers are accurate as they take their measurement from the eardrum. The accuracy is due to the fact that the eardrum shares the same blood supply as the brain so is a great place to check temperature.


  • Results from tests are returned quickly with most measurements taking a matter of seconds.


  • If you’re using the thermometer on a young child then you will find the device to be convenient since it will take temperatures quickly.


  • If you hate complicated devices then you will love using an ear thermometer due to its simplicity, most models only require you to press a single button.


  • Unlike other thermometers, ear thermometers are extremely hygienic since you do not have to sterilize as they use plastic filters on the nozzle that can be discarded after one use, helping to reduce the chances of cross contamination. This also means that the same unit can be used to measure the temperature of different individuals by change the disposable cover between uses.

How an Ear Thermometer Works?

Ear thermometers make use of the fact that the eardrum is a fantastic place to measure body temperature. This is due to the fact of its location on the body, sitting next to the brain.

So how does it work, well the basic process is that the thermometer detects changes in the emission of infrared radiation from the ear that it then converts into a readable temperature that is then displayed most commonly on an LCD screen.

You might think where does the infrared radiation come from? Well you may be surprised to learn that all of the objects around you will be emitting infrared energy at this present moment including your body. The ear thermometer is fitted with a thermopile sensor that can detect infrared energy. So that’s how it works.

How to use a Digital ear thermometer?

There are loads of ear thermometers available on the market so it is important to read and follow the instructions before using your thermometer. The following are general steps that may help:

  • Firstly remove the thermometer from its holder.
  • Attach a new, one use plastic cover over the tip of the ear thermometer.
  • Ensure that the person having their temperature taken holds their head still, if measuring a a child’s temperature hold their head.
  • Gently pull the ear back and then up, this will help to straighten the ear canal (3).
  • Insert the covered tip of the thermometer into the ear opening. It is important not use excessive force or to push hard since this could damage the eardrum. The tip must not touch the eardrum
  • Press and hold the test button on the thermometer.
  • One the test is completed remove the ear thermometer from the ear.
  • Record the temperature from the test and discard the one use cover on the tip.

When might you not Use an Ear Thermometer

Digital ear thermometers are not recommended for use on newborn babies or children under the age of 6 months since their small ever developing ear canal in these young children can give false readings (1). On the NCBI site it mentions that any children under the age of 6 months should be checked by a doctor if they have a fever (3).

If you know that the individual whose temperature you want to check has recently had an ear operation, or is suffering from an ear infection (2)


Use the links below to skip to a more in-depth review;

Braun Thermoscan5 Ear Thermometer Review

Braun Thermoscan5
Braun Thermoscan5

Simple and Easy to Use

Determining the right body temperature is a piece of cake, unless you are dealing with a screaming baby that won’t stand still even for a minute. In such cases you need fast and reliable thermometer which is easy to use.

Luckily for you Braun Thermoscan5 Ear Thermometer is all of that. Here are a few reasons why this thermometer might be just what you have been looking for.

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Braun Thermoscan5 Review: The Braun Thermoscan5 Ear Thermometer is excellent solution for determining if you or any of your family members has increased temperature. The pre-heated soft tip is placed inside the ear where it measures the body temperature using the eardrum and the surrounding tissue. It only takes a few seconds before the results are displayed on the big screen.

To make sure you get accurate results, the thermometer must be positioned in the proper place. Finding the right position is easy as the thermometer has a system that guides you through the process. Once the thermometer is in its place, it will show the measured result.

One of its features is to memorize up to 9 previous results, so this makes it easier for you to follow the progression of the temperature and helps you estimate whether the condition is improving.

The manufacturer paid special attention to the hygienic aspect of this thermometer; therefore it included disposable filters that help you prevent any additional infections.

To make sure the results are accurate you should always follow the given instructions and place the thermometer in the right position. Please note that ear infections can give misleading results, so avoid using the thermometer under those circumstances.

Key Features

  • It is fairly simply to use
  • It has a pre-warmed tip
  • Gives fast results
  • Contains big display for easy reading of results
  • The whole family can use it due to its disposable filters
  • It has a positioning system for accurate results
  • It remembers up to 9 previous readings

Customer Reviews

I received this thermometer from Influenster as part of my free VoxBox. I used it on my usually wiggly 2 year old and was very pleased at how quickly and easily I was able to take her temperature. I love that the Thermoscan 5 has an indicator light and beep so I know that I’ve placed it correctly!

I also love how you only have to press one button to take the temperature and there is hardly any wait time for the reading! Lastly, I love the lens filters, I never have to guess if the thermometer is clean and sanitary for the whole family!

Shari Brink, Amazon Customer Review

I am in love with the Braun Thermoscan! Having infant twins and a toddler, I take a lot of temperature readings. I have cross testing this against other thermometers and I always get an accurate reading. I love that I can trust this and it gives me piece of mind. So much easier to use on a baby since it is very quick and you don’t need them to sit still for more than just a second.

I like that it comes with a storage case and a good amount of plastic covers. I have had a few other brands of ear and forehead thermometers and haven’t liked them even close to as much as I like this one. Definitely a must have!!

   Marisa, Amazon Customer Review

According to the customer reviews Braun Thermoscan5 Ear Thermometer has lived up to their expectations. One of the features that users cherish the most is its simplicity and hassle-free operations. In addition, customers show satisfaction with the accuracy of the results, assuming you properly position the thermometer as instructed.

The Braun Thermoscan5 has been reviewed by 2200 customers on Amazon and has been given a customer score of 4.6 out of 5.0. Click Here – See Price on Amazon

  • The thermometer is easy to use and provides results within seconds.
  • The specialized system guides you through the proper positioning of the tip in the inside of the ear and the big display enables you to clearly see the results.
  • It comes with disposable filters so the hygiene is guaranteed.
  • The thermometer seems to be very sensitive to changes in position and exterior circumstances; therefore in same cases the results might vary.


In conclusion, Braun Thermoscan5 is everything that one could expect from a thermometer. Maybe that is why many doctors use and recommend this thermometer as especially effective while working with young children.

On top of the great results it provides, the thermometer is easy to store and can be bought at a very affordable price. Click Here – See Price on Amazon

Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer INV-DC200

Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer INV-DC200
Innovo INV-DC200

Accurate and Easy to Use

If you are looking for a thermometer that can be ideal for your entire family, including the youngest and most fragile ones, than Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer INV-DC200 might be your perfect match.

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InnovoINV-DC200 Review: With the advanced technology and Swiss accuracy this thermometer will make sure you always keep up with the changes of your body temperature and will enable you to take timely actions.

One of Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer INV-DC200 biggest assets is its dual mode. With the dual mode you can measure the temperature both from the forehead and from the ear, which is especially important when you are dealing with young children or elderly people.

Regardless of the mode you choose, the thermometer will always display accurate results and you have the option to choose whether you want them displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit units. In addition, the thermometer is very simple to use, as all you need to do is press one button and the thermometer starts scanning the temperature. When not in use, it will automatically turn off after a few seconds.

If the measured temperature exceeds the pre-set threshold, a visual and audio alarm goes off to inform you of the current condition. And if you need to check the previously measured results, you can restore up to 20 readings which gives you an excellent opportunity to monitor the temperature variations.

Have in mind that the temperature in the human ear and the one measured from the forehead will always be slightly different, regardless which thermometer you decide to use.

Key Features            

  • Extremely simple to use
  • Dual mode system suitable for the entire family
  • Accurate results
  • Displays two measurement units – Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Contains alarm that notifies you in cases of increased body temperature
  • Able to memorize up to 20 previous readings
  • It automatically turns off after a certain period of inactivity

Customer Reviews

Customers find Innovo INV-DC200 to be a great choice for the entire family. The dual mode is very useful and along with the other features it’s considered to be a good investment. It is simple, fast, accurate and above all very affordable device that can be a life-saver.

Great design! This thermometer is very easy to use with either the forehead or ear. I like that it works on dual mode. Being able to get temperature readings on both forehead and ear is not something I can get with all thermometers, and this one does.

The most important feature on this innove thermometer is that it is very accurate. – Easy to use! High quality, reliable, a must have at home. I bought this item at a promotional price, this has in no way affected my opinion. Recommended! It can be used in children and adults.

Amy, Amazon Customer Review

It was easy to use right out of the box. A sturdy, well designed product that is fast and easy to read. I love the options to take a temp in the ear, or on the forehead which really helps if the baby is sleeping or wearing clothes that covers her ears.

Definitely worth the price for its simplicity and accuracy. It takes away the trouble and invasiveness from taking a temperature. Highly, highly recommended.

Carly Iwamoto, Amazon Customer Review

The Innovo INV-DC200 has been reviewed by 3200 customers on Amazon and has been given a customer score of 3.8 out of 5.0. Click Here – See Price on Amazon

  • The thermometer is easy to use and provides results within seconds.
  • The specialized system guides you through the proper positioning of the tip in the inside of the ear and the big display enables you to clearly see the results.
  • It comes with disposable filters so the hygiene is guaranteed.
  • As previously mentioned, the most valuable feature this thermometer has its dual mode which enables the thermometer to be used for people of any age.
  • The results are always accurate so you can decide when it’s time to take actions and they can be displayed both in Celsius or Fahrenheit units, meaning the thermometer can be used worldwide.
  • The alarm makes sure you take notice of the increased body temperature
  • The recall option enables you to check up to 20 previously measured readings.
  • This thermometer has not been known to have any issues, although some claim it shows discrepancies in the measured results. In case you are experiencing such problem make sure to clean the thermometer well and follow the indicated instructions.


In general, the INV-DC200 thermometer is definitely a must-have, especially if you are living in a household consisting of many generations. It is very easy to use, it gives accurate results and with one set of batteries it can last for thousands of readings. Click Here – See Price on Amazon

iProvèn ET-116A Ear Thermometer

iProvèn ET-116A Ear Thermometer
iProvèn ET-116A

Fast and Easy to Use

Researches have shown that one of the most accurate ways to determine your body temperature is through your eardrum.

iProvèn ET-116A Ear Thermometer enables you to do that in a matter of seconds, completely hassle-free. It is convenient for adults, children and babies above 6 months.

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iProvèn ET-116A Review: iProvèn ET-116A Ear Thermometer comes conveniently packed in a protective sturdy box that enables you to take it with you everywhere you go. The iProvèn probe lens made of sapphire is responsible for the accurate results this thermometer gives. All it takes is a few seconds for the results to be displayed, and you get to choose if you want to have them in Celsius or Fahrenheit units.

This thermometer is especially convenient for tracking the previously measured results, as it has a recall system, that stores up to 10 readings, allowing you to easily follow the temperature variations.

Once you finish using the thermometer, it will automatically shut down after 1 minute of inactivity, so you don’t have to worry about the battery life.

Key Features

  • Practical travel thermometer
  • Provides fast and accurate results
  • Dual measurement units – Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • 10 memory readings to check previously measured temperatures
  • Automatic shut down after 1 minute of inactivity

Customer Reviews

Customers are generally satisfied with the features of this thermometer and they especially appreciate its travel-friendly design. Many mothers find this thermometer a perfect tool for determining the body temperature of their youngest ones, as it reads the results very fast avoiding additional trauma for the children.

I’m very impressed with this product. I love that it is so well made and works wonderful in helping me find my children’s temperatures. My old thermometer just wasn’t working right and when I compared it against this during an office visit, this thermometer was right on key with the doctor’s office.”

  Candy Miller, Amazon Customer Review

This thermometer is great!! My friend recommended it when my old one bit the dust. So far the reading is more accurate than my previous thermometer and it only takes a couple of seconds, which is great for children. Another pro for this product is the compact size and free case for it, its great for traveling! If you’re in need of a new thermometer I would highly recommend trying this one!

   Olivia Brothers, Amazon Customer Review

The iProvèn ET-116A Ear Thermometer has been reviewed by 650 customers on Amazon and has been given a customer score of 3.5 out of 5.0. Click Here – See Price on Amazon


The iProvèn ET-116A Ear Thermometer is excellent companion for those who travel a lot. It is very small in size and comes packed in a sturdy box that will keep it safe at all times. It provides accurate results within seconds, and it shuts down automatically in case you forget to turn it off, keeping the battery alive for a longer period of time. The results can be displayed both in Celsius or Fahrenheit units which makes it convenient for usage across the globe.

The thermometer also has a recall feature that stores up to 10 previous readings and enables you to monitor the changes in the temperature.


There isn’t anything that can be considered as a disadvantage when it comes to the features and usage of iProvèn ET-116A Ear Thermometer. The only thing that can be mentioned is the fact that the thermometer works on batteries, which will eventual wear off, but they don’t cost much and can be easily replaced.

The thermometer doesn’t have a backlight but that is compensated with the size of the display that allows you to read the results without any problem.


Overall, iProvèn ET-116A Ear Thermometer might be a runner up but it still has some useful features. It is a perfectly suited to taking with yourself whilst travelling.

The readings are always accurate so you can rely on it at any time and use it to help you decide on your further actions. In addition it is very affordable and it’s a necessity for every household. Click Here – See Price on Amazon

Other Popular Models


Having an ear thermometer at home will help to ensure your family is kept well at all times. Now that you have seen the various options and our top picks for the best ear thermometer on the market, it is up to you to pick what meets your needs, is in your price range, and meets your other requirements. As you know, new thermometers are being created all the time by new and old manufacturers.

For that reason, the site will be updated as new thermometers need to be added to the list.  Or if you feel like we missed a superior thermometer that needs to be included on the list, let me know in the comments below!


(1) – Mayo Clinic – Thermometers: Understand the options
(2) – Drugs.com – How To Take An Ear Temperature
(3) – NCBI – How to take a child’s temperature

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