Magnifeko Digital Forehead and Ear Dual Mode Thermometer

Magnifeko Digital Forehead and Ear Dual Mode Thermometer Review

Magnifeko Digital Forehead and Ear Dual Mode Thermometer

Finding a universal thermometer that can be used by the entire family is not an easy task. It needs to be simple, accurate and affordable.

These three features have one thing in common – they are combined into one device and represent an integral part of Magnifeko Digital Thermometer.

Key Features

Checkout the Magnifeko’s key features:

  • Dual mode system for Ear and Forehead readings
  • Accurate results in a matter of seconds
  • Results available in Celsius and Fahrenheit units
  • Big display with back light for easy reading
  • Recall option for reading up to 20 previously measured results
  • Fever alarm to alert you for the increased body temperature

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Magnifeko Digital Thermometer can be your family’s new best friend. The revolutionized technology used to create this thermometer makes it a number one choice for people of all ages. The thermometer features a dual mode system that enables you to measure the temperature both from your eardrum and your forehead. In just a matter of seconds you will get accurate results that you can easily read form the user-friendly display.

The best thing about Magnifeko Digital Thermometer is that you don’t need to worry about writing down the previous readings, as the thermometer has a recall feature that remembers up to 20 previous results. In addition it includes a fever alarm that will notify you once the temperature exceeds 99 Fahrenheit degrees.

Magnifeko Digital Forehead and Ear Dual Mode a Thermometer The Good

  • This thermometer has everything you need to monitor your body temperature. It is very easy to use which makes it perfect for the entire family and it always gives accurate results.
  • The dual mode system enables you to adjust the thermometer according to your preferences and measure the temperature completely hassle-free.
  • The display is fairly large allowing you to clearly see the readings and it features a back light for better view in the dark. In case you fail to read the results, the alarm installed on the thermometer is pre-set to alert you of any results higher than 99 Fahrenheit degrees.
  • Moreover the thermometer has a recall option that allows you to review up to 20 readings previously measured, making the changes in the body temperature easy to follow.
  • Clinically calibrated and FDA approved.

The Bad

So far there is nothing that can be considered as a disadvantage when it comes to the features and usage of the Magnifeko Digital Thermometer. If you notice discrepancies in the results make sure to read the instructions and adjust the usage accordingly.

The difference in the readings measured from the eardrums and the forehead is expected, as the body temperature varies depending on the method you decide to use.

Customer Reviews

According to customer reviews, this thermometer is a real asset and it represents an essential part of every household. It is very easy to use and can be adjusted to the needs and preferences of every family member. The thermometer always gives accurate results and can be very useful for determining your body temperature at all times.

So easy that even a child could take their own temperature. Dual modes allow you to take the temperature by scanning the forehead or scanning the inner ear. The unit is easy to keep clean and you don’t have any mercury in the unit at all.

The unit is very light weight and also comes with a cover to keep it clean. Batteries are included with the thermometer. The unit will allow you to store the last 20 readings and your able to set an audible alarm that signifies a above normal temperature. Magnifeko has built a very nice unit here, with lots of attention to details. Very Bright LED Screen.

James Allen, Amazon Customer Review

I bought this for the nurse at school. She is constantly needing a new thermometer. I think she checks at least 100 kids temps every day, so you can imagine the wear and tear on all of her thermometers.

She LOVES this dual reading thermometer. She has raved on and on about how easy it is to use and how for the little ones the forehead reading is best because even at 5, 6, and 7yrs old, they are hesitant or scared of their temp being checked in their ears. I’ve even had her check my temp with the forehead and ear just to check the accuracy! Order yours today and throw out all of your other ones!!! 🙂

Jennifer Jacobs, Amazon Customer Review

The Magnifeko Digital Thermometer has been reviewed by 184 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.8 out of 5.0. For more verified customer reviews CLICK HERE


As previously mentioned, you can’t go wrong with this thermometer as it contains all the features you would need to determine the exact body temperature and take further actions.

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