Omron MC 514 Ear Thermometer with Advanced Temperature Scanning Review

Omron MC 514 Ear Thermometer ReviewOmron MC 514 Ear Thermometer

The Omron MC 514 Ear Thermometer with Advanced Temperature Scanning is an ear thermometer that is capable of taking 250 readings per second in order to provide the most accurate results.

Designed for fast and safe use, this thermometer meets parents’ expectations as it offers temperature readings in just one second.

Key Features

Checkout the key features;

  • It takes 250 scans per second for an accurate reading
  • It provides temperature reading in one second
  • It features a memory that recalls the last temperature reading
  • It comes with a storage case meant to keep the thermometer and the extra lens covers together
  • It is designed with a button that is meant to ensure a safe and comfortable use
  • It has a sleek design fits comfortably in the ear and in the palm of any size hand
  • Comes with a memory feature recalls last temperature reading

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The Omron MC 514 Ear Thermometer is a practical buy if you take into consideration its price and the great feature that make it user friendly. The accuracy of this device consists in the fact that it registers 250 readings per second, providing you with the most appropriate one.

After using this thermometer, you can always re-check the last reading thanks to the memory feature of this item that has the ability to recall the last temperature reading. In this way, you can easily compare the last reading result with the one you’re about to find out in order to see how the state of the patient is evolving.

Omron MC 514 Ear Thermometer

The thermometer comes with extra lens covers that you can change when needed for hygienic purposes. Moreover, to keep it all together, the item is provided with a convenient storage case that is meant to keep the thermometer and the lens covers in one place.

This product is perfectly designed to fit comfortably the ear and any palm size for an ease of use. Furthermore, the thermometer comes with an engineered button placement that ensures a safe and comfortable use.

The Good

The Omron MC 514 Ear Thermometer with Advanced Temperature Scanning has great features and it is designed to adjust perfectly the needs of the user. The fact that it delivers temperature readings in one second makes it very appreciated for its fastness. What is more, customers appreciate also that it can be easily maneuvered.

The Bad

Some that were unsatisfied claimed that this thermometer consistently measures a degree lower than the actual temperature.

Customer Reviews

There were many customers that provided positive reviews for this thermometer because of its ease of use, fast measuring and even because of its sleek design.

All you need to do is turn it on and then stick it into your ear, wait for a beep and then press the button, then you get an instant temperature reading.

Other than instructions that make it sound very difficult to use, this is a great product. It is NOT difficult to use. Just turn it on and stick it in your ear, wait for a beep and press the button. Presto! Instant temperature reading. I tested it along side my doctor’s thermometer and it was dead on accurate. It was slightly expensive, but worth it for the accuracy and ease of use.

J Kurz, Amazon Customer Review

The instructions for this item are very clearly stated. From other descriptions of the item, I thought the beeps, and then the next step, and….. we’re going to be a hassle. Not at all. I tested it 5 times across 30 minutes, while working at my computer and read the same temp- with minor variations each time. For the price, ease, and verification process, this is an excellent home thermometer.

M.J., Amazon Customer Review

The Omron MC 514 has been reviewed by 61 customers on Amazon with a customer rating of 3.7 out of 5.0. For more verified customer reviews CLICK HERE


All in all, the Omron MC 514 Ear Thermometer with Advanced Temperature Scanning is great to buy if you are looking for an ear thermometer that can deliver temperature readings very fast and that is easy to use. Thanks to its features, you can be certain that your readings are accurate.

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Omron MC 514 Ear Thermometer

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