Santamedical Professional Clinical RY230 Infrared thermometer

Santamedical 2 in 1 Professional Clinical RY230 Thermometer Review

Santamedical 2 in 1 Professional Clinical RY230 Thermometer The Santamedical Clinical RY230 Infrared thermometer is a perfect thermometer for taking temperature readings from a distance, thus making it safe to use for several persons in a row without the need of disinfection.

Moreover, the temperature readings are made with 0.3 accuracy, a feature that makes this thermometer highly appreciated among customers.

Key Features

  • It is designed with an intuitive guidance system
  • It has an adjustable audio alarm for high temperature
  • It provides accurate readings in less than one second
  • It stores the last 32 temperature readings
  • The energy consumption is low, the thermometer using 2 AA batteries for 100,000 readings

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The Santamedical 2 in 1 Professional Clinical RY230 thermometer is an infrared clinical thermometer that is designed to take accurate temperature readings of areas such as the forehead or tear ducts. That is why this thermometer can be used for newborns, infants, children and even adults.

Being a non-invasive, no-contact thermometer, the item has the ability to read forehead temperature from a distance between 1” and 4” (5 to 15 cm), having a temperature range between 89 and 109 F (32-43 Celsius degrees).

Having 0.3 accuracy, this product features an intuitive guidance system that is meant to secure positioning and to confirm accurate readings. Once you took the temperature, you can easily read it with the help of the large LCD screen that even has a backlight for night time usage. You can choose to read the recording either in Fahrenheit or in Celsius degrees.Santamedical 2 in 1 Professional Clinical RY230 ThermometerThis thermometer is clinically calibrated so that it can convert the forehead temperature reading (external surface) into internal body temperature, which represents an important vital sign. In case the temperature reading is too high, the item is designed with an adjustable audio alarm meant to notify you.

The Good

The 2 in 1 Professional Clinical RY230 Large LCD Non-contact Infrared thermometer – Forehead and Surface is an incredible thermometer that has great features, like the intuitive guidance system, that makes this product easy to use and helps it provide accurate readings.

The Bad

There were users who claimed that the thermometer gave normal temperature readings when the patient was having a fever.

Customer Reviews 

Needless to say that because of the great features and the affordable price, this thermometer has gained its positive reviews. Users are pleased with the way it works and consider that it is fast and accurate.

Knowing my oral digital thermometer was not reading correctly, I sought to find a reasonably priced, easy-to-use thermometer to take its place. I first looked at the ones used on the ear canal, but decided using it on myself might present aiming problems, and with those, aiming is everything.

After a little more research, I stumbled across the RY230 Non-contact Infrared Thermometer and decided to take a chance. I am happy to report it was a chance worth taking!

A no-hassle temperature reading in a matter of seconds. I took it to my health care provider and he was really impressed with the speed and accuracy of the unit. It was a technology he was not familiar with, but I do see him introducing it as an option at the local clinic, as well as something new in his array of medical gadgets. Trust me, if it meets his standards, it will definitely meet yours.

D Kemp, Amazon Customer Review

We had the old type that you had to shake down and then hold under your tongue. My neighbor ‘s broke and came to borrow ours. They had never seen the old shake down, used for 60 years. So I ordered this new one and got into the 2014 era. It works great, is very fast and accurate. If I break it or loan it out and it does not come home, I will buy another just like it.

Al Mellon, Amazon Customer Review

The Santamedical RY230 thermometer has been reviewed by 320 customers on Amazon with an impressive customer rating of 4.0 out of 5.0. For more verified customer reviews CLICK HERE.


Overall, the Santamedical 2 in 1 RY230 LCD Infrared thermometer is a great asset, for it can take temperature measurements without the need to touch the patient while doing it. Its features make it easy to use and the fact that it provides accurate readings in less than a second comes in handy for every concerning parent.

Where to Buy

SantaMedical RY-230 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

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