Vicks Behind Ear Gentle Touch Thermometer

Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer Review

Vicks Behind Ear Gentle Touch Thermometer

Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer Review: The Vicks Behind Ear Gentle Touch Thermometer is a very handy thermometer for it needs only a quick touch behind the ear in order to determine its body temperature.

Vicks Behind Ear Gentle Touch Thermometer

Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer

Easy to Use

The Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer is easy to use and gently. You only need it to touch the area behind the ears so there is very little if any discomfort to a child or adult.

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What is the Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer?

The Vicks Behind Ear Gentle Touch Thermometer is clinically proven to be accurate, which represents an important safety feature of this product. Moreover, it requires just a touch in the hollow behind the ear in order to get the right measurements, for this place lies close to the carotid artery that is responsible for carrying blood to the brain. Also, the hollow behind the ear is safe from perspiration and is protected from other external factors that may provide inaccurate readings.

This thermometer is designed with a colour-coded screen display that is meant to help identify the state in which you’re baby is. If the colour is green, then you have nothing to worry about, for your baby’s temperature is normal. If it turns yellow, then you need to be prepared for the baby has a slightly elevated fever, and if the colour is red then it means that the fever has set it.

The thermometer features a memory system that is capable to store the last eight measurements that you made. Thus, you can compare them and see if the stare of your baby is fluctuating or it is becoming better.

Thanks to the large LCD display, you will have no problem reading the measurements. Furthermore, you can always switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.


  • The thermometer is easy to use as it needs only a gentle touch behind the ear to make the measurements
  • It is clinically accurate
  • It has a colour-coded screen that lets you know if your baby has no fever, a mild fever or a serious one
  • It is designed with a memory system that can store the last eight measurements
  • It has a large LCD display for easy reading
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty under normal use

User Reviews and Opinions

The Vicks Behind Ear Gentle Touch Thermometer has gained its positive reviews because of its consistency, fastness and accuracy of results. Some find it very practical because they can use it even when the baby is asleep, without the need of waking it up. Still, there were some customers who complained that it is difficult to find the right spot to get accurate results.

Ours seems to work as long as it’s in the right vicinity, so not sure why others were having so much trouble getting the right spot. The biggest thing, it even says in the instructions, the scale is different than a “normal” thermometer and each person has a different “norm”.

We made sure to test several spots, several times to get a feel for this. Now it’s awesome because it’s fast and easy, no cleaning and our toddler thinks it’s a game!

Marc Sendich, Amazon Customer Review

Many reviews are stating that this thermometer is not accurate, but that has not been my experience. It measures temperature from the carotid artery behind your ear. It gives you a very accurate reading as long as you get the placement right.

This takes some practice, but it is easy to master. Truly a single touch thermometer..”

, Amazon Customer Review

The Vicks Behind Ear Thermometer has been reviewed by over 150 customers on Amazon and has been given a customer score of 3.7 out of 5.0 at the time of writing this review.

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  • This thermometer comes at a great price and has incredible features that makes it easy to use
  • Enables you to take accurate measurements with a simple touch behind the ear.
  • The colour-coded screen is very effective and useful.

There were users who claimed that it’s not so easy to find the right place that gives you the accurate measurements.


In summary, the Vicks Behind Ear Gentle Touch Thermometer is of great use for parents who want to measure the baby’s temperature even when it is asleep, without the need to wake it up.

The fact that it requires only one touch and it is clinically accurate makes it easy to use at any time.

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How to Use the Vicks Gentle Touch

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